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KU Online Classroom: Your Online Program Management Platform

06 Jun

A Guided Tour Through KU Online Classroom, Your Online MBA's Unique Learning Management System

Designed to make your online learning experience as simple and as beneficial as possible, KU Online Classroom, a Learning Management System (LMS), is loaded with helpful tools. With KU Online Classroom, you can easily:

  • Organize your classwork
  • Plan, schedule, and maximize your time from any location
  • Use virtual tools to digitally track your program progress through a novel, interactive interface
  • Manage a better work-life-school balance

During your time in the online MBA program, KU Online Classroom will be your virtual home base and will provide you with an intuitive dashboard.


Use your KU Online Classroom dashboard to directly access:

  • Your coursework
  • Course syllabi
  • Program curriculum
  • Individual lesson plans
  • Peer contacts
  • Virtual, interactive learning tools

The Module System and Module Zero
Like other Learning Management Systems, KU Online Classroom utilizes a series of modules that accompany each course. Modules are made available in succession—as courses progress—and provide students with straightforward instructions and assignments. All KU Online Classroom modules are designed to give busy KU online MBA students an accessible online learning environment where they can more easily balance their academic responsibilities.

The very first module online students encounter is named Module Zero. Released approximately one week before courses begin, Module Zero gives students access to upcoming classes and lists important due dates, readings, and topics that will be covered in these courses. With Module Zero, you’ll be able to prepare and schedule your time for the coming weeks.

The Benefits of Module Zero
Once you’re given access to KU Online Classroom, you’ll be able to experience the benefits of Module Zero. This welcome module has five important elements:


1. A course overview from the instructor, welcoming you to the class and informing you of course objectives.


2. An introduction to the professors who’ve put the course together and are teaching it.


3. A specified place for you to introduce yourself to your professor and peers. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to share what you’re looking forward to learning in the course.


4. A breakdown of strategies and tips relating to the course with the aim of helping you succeed in the weeks to come.


5. A list of useful help desk information items to help you navigate the course.

Organized for Online Success
Using KU Online Classroom on a day-to-day basis will help you fully adjust to your online learning environment and stay organized. Through KU Online Classroom, not only will you be given the tools needed to help you succeed amid your busy schedule, you’ll also be able to connect with like-minded professionals as you work toward your academic and career goals.

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