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Read on to learn what the key elements of a strategic business plan are that support these three topics and learn how to write a strategic business plan that can help boost your company’s success.
Learn the differences between Master of Engineering Management (MEM) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees.
Learn about the value of an MBA, why you should consider an online MBA as opposed to an in-person program, and what the cost is for an online versus in-person MBA.
While it’s absolutely worthwhile to obtain an online MBA because the degree can increase your professional connections, salary, and career opportunities, MBAs do cost money. One way to offset the cost of an online MBA is to obtain one, or more, scholarships.
Today, there are many MBA programs rethinking whether a standardized test is the best option to measure applicants’ aptitude and likelihood to succeed, and many are offering alternatives or foregoing the test altogether. Find out more about the history of the GMAT, what the test is like today, and how you can get an online MBA without a GMAT score.
Reputations are persuasive because they represent an executive summary of several significant criteria. By understanding those criteria, you gain a more complete view of the specific benefits offered by various programs.
You’re looking for an MBA program: comparing curricula, tuition rates, and faculty specialties, and considering the impact that your degree will have on your life and career. You can derive long-term benefit from a strong alumni network—the organization comprised of a program’s graduates—so be sure to factor that into your thought process.
We recently had the pleasure of talking with Maura Durkin, MBA ’22 candidate, who was eloquent about the effect that KU’s online MBA program is already having on her working life.
Students in the University of Kansas online MBA program come from a variety of different fields, backgrounds and cultures in pursuit of an outstanding business education. Our faculty combine educational excellence with cutting-edge research, creating a deeply engaging learning environment throughout the program.