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11 Jan

Level-Up Your Business Career with an MBA

MBA Jobs and Careers Should I Get an MBA

Level-Up Infographic

Click on the image to read more about how getting an MBA can level up your business career!

Making the decision to go back to school and earn an advanced degree can be a difficult one. This is especially true if you’ve already entered the workforce and started your career. It can be unnerving to think about going back and sitting in a classroom setting if you’ve been away from that for any length of time.

Even as many colleges and universities have begun offering online studies for MBA degrees which give prospective students greater flexibility, many of these individuals still may not feel as if they have the time to pursue further schooling.

However, citing a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, Fortune Magazine wrote that the MBA has become the most popular post-graduate degree in the country. Not only for students, but also for employers looking to hire individuals who have an MBA. Of course, earning an MBA offers no professional guarantees.

However, those with this degree under their belt put themselves at a competitive advantage as it relates to their careers and advancement within their chosen fields.

“With every level of education, people increase their lifetime earnings and increase their career stability,” John Challenger, who serves as CEO of Challenger, Gray and Christmas, an outplacement firm based in Chicago, told the Chicago Tribune. “MBA holders tend to see fewer periods of long-term unemployment. MBAs, in particular, come away with skills and a stamp of approval and credentials that businesses and employers value.”

As the job market continues to become more competitive, employers are constantly on the hunt for candidates who can come in from day one and make an immediate impact. Earning an MBA will make your resume stand out from the crowd and put you on the fast track toward career advancement.

And for those on the fence about whether the investment in going back to school and getting an MBA is worth it? Well, as it relates to earning potential, job security, and taking your career to the next level, the answer is a simple one: yes.

Again, please click on the image above to read more about how getting an MBA can level up your business career.

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