MKTG 751: Consumer Behavior

Credits: 3

Key Skills: marketing mix, consumer behavior analysis, interdisciplinary studies, consumer decision-making, persuasion tactics, self-reflection, market research, collaboration, report writing

Description: Both external and internal factors motivate consumers’ habits, including social and cultural influences. As a Marketing elective, Consumer Behavior offers students interdisciplinary study of social, physical, and behavioral sciences, focusing on key areas like learning, memory, and persuasion, which together inform consumer decision-making. The course explores how promotional strategies can leverage consumer habits in a marketing mix strategy, but also how consumer attitudes and perceptions can be altered by an effective campaign.

Keeping in mind the mutual dependency between consumers and providers, students will assess situational needs, compare competitor alternatives, and reflect upon their own behaviors as consumers to develop efficient and effective marketing strategies. By working together throughout the course on a consumer behavior report project, students will practice collaborative contracting, research, and delivery of client-focused marketing recommendations that prioritize long-term satisfaction for both the client and its consumers.