FIN 706: Finance

Credits: 3

Key Skills: forecasting cash flows and cash flow analysis, working capital management, time value of money, operational and financial risks, valuation of real and financial assets, capital budgeting decision tools, modeling rates of return

Description: Finance is a required course in KU’s fundamental Online MBA core that lays the groundwork for more advanced studies in financial analysis. With a focus on applying financial concepts to real-world issues, the course provides an overview of both personal and corporate investment with the goal of creating self-sufficient financial managers. Students will develop analytical, measuring, modeling, and forecasting skills through practice problem sets, case study, and formal assessment.

Students should expect a cumulative learning experience as they progress through intensive modules that layer and build upon topics and skills. Students will begin with an exploration of markets and financial institutions from which they will define the role of the financial manager in a corporate setting. Corporate goals will drive analysis throughout the remainder of the course, addressing essential topics like the time value of money, cash flow analysis and forecasting, selective accounting and capital budgeting, differentiating risk, and modeling rates of return.