MKTG 752: Integrated Marketing Communications

Credits: 3

Key Skills: IMC strategy, traditional marketing, six principles of influence, media mix, social media marketing, digital marketing, online marketing, media planning, promotional budgeting, public relations

Description: The Integrated Marketing Communications elective will enable students to plan and evaluate marketing communications programs for products and services. Topics covered include the communication process, perspectives on consumer behavior, promotional budgeting, media planning, ethics in marketing, and ways of measuring effectiveness in a campaign. Through hands-on practice and case-based study students will experience how integrated marketing communications unite a brand’s message through the science of persuasion and various models for advertising messages.

While marketing often seems very calculated and planned, the course will also look at the role of creativity and how brands can appeal to consumers through memorable messaging. Traditional marketing, which includes print, radio, and television, is considered, in addition to alternative and online marketing, which are quickly altering the marketing landscape. From “going viral” to hashtags to video game tie-ins, digital and social media have the potential to reach a vast range of consumers—a power explored in the course’s study of public relations and publicity campaigns. By the end of this course, students should feel comfortable creating their own targeted media mix for a given client.