MGMT 753: Leadership Philosophy and Practice

Credits: 3

Key Skills: leadership philosophy, the fundamentals of leadership, mentoring and influencing people, leading change, communication for leaders, self-reflection

Description: Through study, analysis, and discourse, students in the Leadership Philosophy and Practice elective will explore the skills and attributes required to be a successful leader, the ethical and interpersonal challenges of leading in a complex world, and the tools for leading and influencing people, ideas, and change within an organization. The ability to communicate ideas clearly—central to effective leadership and change—will be evaluated throughout the course as students confront real-world situations and circumstances through case-based learning, discussion, and essay writing.

The course takes both a reflective and practical approach to cultivating values-based, character-centric leadership in the workplace. Students are inspired to define their own personal philosophies of leadership by examining their own experiences and expectations for motivation, focus, mentoring, and discipline. By confronting challenging questions and circumstances through healthy debate and the practical application of coaching tools and techniques, students will be prepared to overcome resistance, influence and adapt to workplace change, and refine their distinct leadership style and presence for organizations.