SCM 718: Operations and Supply Chain Management

Credits: 3

Key Skills: excel, Solver add-in, production planning, service operations, demand management, production-distribution networks, decision support tools, responsiveness to marketplace changes

Description: Operations and Supply Chain Management, part of the Online MBA core at KU, is about the management of material and information flows in multi-stage production-distribution networks. Students will gain knowledge and tools to develop, implement, and sustain strategies for managing supply chain and operations issues. With an intensive quantitative focus, this course asks students to derive and compute quantitative performance measures and apply analytical tools to provide business solutions and improve strategies.

Beginning with light algebraic calculations and basic Excel operations, students will explore the basics of an operational system—process analysis and measures—before progressing to drivers of supply chains, including inventory management, production planning, scheduling and location planning, demand management, and channel coordination, during which students will perform more complex calculations assisted by Excel. A series of practical exercises, spreadsheet workbook assignments, formal assessments, simulation activities, and course projects will provide useful training in management essential to company success and customer satisfaction.