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06 Jun

The KU Online MBA Day to Day

Online MBA Advice

A Guided Tour Through KU Connect, the Online MBA Program’s Unique Learning Environment
Even for those who’ve already made up their minds about attending an online program to earn their master’s degree, questions may still linger. What does an online program actually look like? What will the experience encompass? How will I communicate with the professors and my peers?

To help resolve some of this cognitive dissonance, we’re lifting the veil and giving you exclusive access into our unique online learning environment, KU Connect. After this tour, you will have a clearer understanding of just how intuitive and user-friendly online learning at the University of Kansas can be.

KU Connect
Say you’ve been accepted into the KU online MBA program and have made the decision to enroll. First of all, congratulations! But what now? From here, you will be put in contact with your cohort’s advisor. You’ll schedule your classes and be given access to KU Connect, the program’s learning interface.

Designed to make the online learning experience as simple and beneficial as possible, KU Connect is loaded with helpful learning tools. This will be your homebase during your time in the program, providing you with direct access to your course work, syllabi, individual lesson plans and your peers—all through an intuitive dashboard.

KU Connect Student Dashboard

A common worry among potential online students is that organizing their time and class work on their own, in the absence of on-ground classes, will be too overwhelming for them to handle. This is the precise concern that KU Connect is built to resolve. At its core, KU Connect’s sole purpose is to organize your MBA curriculum—your assignments and your class time—so that you can concentrate on your course work without any unnecessary stress.

The Module System
Like other online learning interfaces, KU Connect utilizes a series of modules within each course. These modules are made available in succession as the course progresses, providing you with straightforward instructions and assignments.

Unlike other online learning environments, however, KU Connect offers a “Module Zero.” With the goal of setting students up for success and, with the understanding that online MBA students often work full-time jobs, managing families and handling other responsibilities, Module Zero is exactly what it sounds like: a module that is made available to students before classes (and the following modules) begin.

Released approximately a week before courses are scheduled to begin, Module Zero gives you access to your upcoming class, providing important due dates, readings and topics that will be covered in the course. This allows you to prepare as needed and helps you to get an understanding of how to best schedule your time in the weeks to come.

The Benefits of Module Zero
Once you’re given access to KU Connect, you’ll be able to experience the benefits of Module Zero. Here, you’ll find five important elements:

KU Module 0 Instructor Overview

1. A course overview from the instructor, welcoming you to the class and informing you of course objectives.

KU Module 0 Professors Intro

2. An introduction to the professors who’ve put the course together and are teaching it.

KU Module 0 Inroduce Yourself

3. A specified place for you to introduce yourself to your professor and peers. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to share what you’re looking forward to learning in the course.

KU Module 0 Strategies & Tips

4. A breakdown of strategies and tips relating to the course with the aim of helping you succeed in the weeks to come.

KU Module 0 Help Desk Info

5. A list of useful help desk information to help you navigate the course.

Organized for Success
Hopefully, this inside look at what your day-to-day would be like using KU Connect in the online MBA program will help ease any apprehension you may hold toward online learning. Through KU Connect, not only will you be given the tools needed to help you succeed amid a busy schedule, you’ll also be able to meet other like-minded professionals.

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