IBUS 718: International Business

Credits: 3

Key Skills: determine rationale for international trade and foreign investment, evaluate international economic policy proposals, compare regional economic blocs, self-assessment, examine the cultural dimensions of international business

Description: A core course in the KU Online MBA program, International Business introduces students to basic theories, institutions, and practices of international business, as well as their implications for business decision-making. Topics covered include the causes and consequences of globalization, sociocultural differences across countries, the rationale for international trade and foreign investment, and the institutional arrangements governing cross-border flows of trade and investment.

Through case-based discussion and carefully curated readings, students are prompted to consider theories of trade, modes of entry into foreign markets, government policies and interventions, how nations enhance their competitiveness in global markets, and the challenges of operating in a foreign market with international staff. By the end of the course students should be aware of if not suitably prepared for the responsibilities of a senior management role in a global setting.